1 to 1 twoway webcam chat

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Video conferencing technology makes it possible to meet with someone in another room, another building, or another country as if they were sitting on the other side of the table.

And while it was the first application many organizations found for video, it’s now proving to be a gateway to using the technology for even greater ROI — which is where video platforms come in.

The server supports several message types to handle tasks, such as registering new users, setting usernames, and sending public chat messages.

To allow the server to support signaling and ICE negotiation, we need to update the code.

It's important to note that the server doesn't need to know the signaling data content.

Although it's SDP, even this doesn't matter so much: the content of the message going through the signaling server is, in effect, a black box.

Find out more, including five ways a video platform can help maximize your investment in video and practical recommendations for enterprise video from the industry leaders like Gartner, Forrester, Siemens, Microsoft, and more in our latest white paper.

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Modern video platforms can enable organizations to scale meetings held via video conference to thousands or tens of thousands of viewers — far more than video conference technology could otherwise allow.As with conferencing tools, the specific sets of features and capabilities for each video platform will be different.At their most basic, however, most video platform solutions will enable the following: Along with these core features, you’ll find several others available depending on the solution.And because they make it easy to record and store video, video platforms can make it possible to capture important video conference calls and save them for future reference in a central library.A video platform provides your organization with the tools needed to drive more value out of your investment in video.

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